Find Your Inner Peace & Happiness

People are always confused to find a way to Happiness, and I always say don’t find the way to happiness but happiness is the path. Happiness can inherit inner peace and inner peace is always a strengthen the happiness. There are numerous ways of enhancing one’s inner peace and happiness. But we can have selected and easy ways to achieve Inner Peace and Happiness

There are 3 selected ways, in this list first way is:

1. Nature

Nature is a special way of humans to interact with it and increase inner peace.

·         Meet with the Nature: Taking walks outside in a park or green belt where there are hundreds of trees, plants or greenery on an everyday basis without using any electronic device for at least one hour.

·         Stay with the Nature: Taking nature retreats for few days. These retreats or holidays provide us a break to avoid day-to-day stress (e.g., pollution traveling, job/work pressure, etc.) and it helps us to concentrate on our bodies and minds.

·         These breaks come in several forms and shapes such as visiting national parks, religious and non-religious retreat centres, among others.


2. Meditation

There are several health benefits of meditation includes huge decrements in anxiety reduction in cortisol levels and depression among others.

In short, committing some time every day to exercise mindfulness meditation is a certain way to improve inner peace and happiness. You can chant mantra’s to perform mindfulness meditation.

3. Gratitude

Being obliged for all that you have in your life is one of the best ways to achieve inner peace and happiness. It has been found that obliged people are well aware of life-challenges but choose not to focus on it. Instead, they underline on the problems of life and are less driven to sophisticated goals than the universal people.


Your Life Coach

Mahender Saluja